A small seaside resort

... in fact located on the island of Wolin at its east end, which is an isthmus ending with the Dźwina river ...

On the one hand the sea

and lagoon on the other hand ...

Międzywodzie (pre-war German name: Heidebrink) is a summer village in the commune of Dziwnów, Kamieński district.

Charmingly located between the Baltic Sea and the Kamieński Lagoon (German name: Kamminer Bodden), where the width of the land is 1,400 meters from shore to shore.

Most of the undeveloped area of ​​the village is occupied by a pine forest. Villas and summer houses dominate as well as beautiful, wide coastal beach.


Health resort

for many, many years ...

From the end of the 19th century, Międzywodzie developed as a health resort.
There was a marina, sanatorium houses, a bath house, beaches with facilities.

In the years 1974 - 2005, the village had the status of 'fulfilling the conditions' for spa treatment. So, sanatoriums operated in Międzywodzie. Lines of treatments in which they specialized are:
- musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases,
- climatic-improvement treatments.

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