We are building our hotel in Miedzywodzie, a secluded holiday resort with more than a century old tradition. In the summer village on the Wolin Island, without flashy promenades, shouting boardwalk, ubiquitous stalls with rubbish and loud music, and people walking late into the night ...

Quite quietly, quiet area, quite private.


source: miedzywodzie.net.pl
source: miedzywodzie.net.pl


The hotel is located in the first line of buildings from the sea. Only a few dozen meters of nice pine forest divides Juvena hotel building from the Baltic dunes and the beautiful sandy beach.

In the vicinity of the hotel there is a lot of greenery and villa and holiday development. There are no aparthotels or blocks of housing.


photo: Google Earth lipiec 2017
photo: Google Earth lipiec 2017

Proximity to the sea
and the beach

About 100 meters from the hotel main gate there is Szkolna street - access to the beach. And about 50 meters from the hotel main gate is Zwycięzców street links to the second access to the beach. None of them is the main one, because it is located about 500 meters away along Wojska Polskiego street.

At Wojska Polskiego street there is a local promenade and seaside entertainment. Close to the hotel but not to close to disturb the rest ...


źródło: www.psur.pl
źródło: www.psur.pl

Sunny deck with a pool
on the roof of the hotel

We will have a large sun terrace with a swimming pool on the roof of the hotel building. Access by elevator, deckchairs, drink bar, manicured greenery, canvas apertures like sail. And the joy of swimming in the outdoor pool.
And all this over the crowns of pine trees.

The sun terrace - accessible only to hotel guests - will be prepared like a deck of luxury cruise ships. And it will be unavailable to children and only for adults.



107 great rooms, over 300 places

107 rooms in 4 categories to meet your expectations. Starting from large Comfort rooms, through larger Superior rooms to two-room Junior Suites and three-room Apartments.
All rooms are air-conditioned, with comfortable bathrooms, balconies or terraces. Furnished comfortably and in style.

From 26 to 92 sq.m living space for rest and relaxation, depending on your needs and preferences.


Family rooms or with friends

Running by the hotel corridor to the next room where children or friends sleep? Knock it off! Now families or friends traveling together will be able to choose two rooms connected by an additional internal door.

On request, from two adjoin hotel rooms - where everyone has their own bathroom - we will be able to create an one large studio-room, guaranteeing privacy and eliminating the need to walk the hotel corridor between the rooms.