We've got a soft spot ...

We love good coffee. We like good tea. We love desserts and ice cream. We value good drinks. And freshly squeezed fruit juice. Also local beer from a small craft brewery.

Porto Pino Café Bar

Duplex on two floors of the hotel: on the ground floor and on the entresol.
Two levels, two bars, one brand.
On the ground floor in the hotel lobby, there will be a bar with a few tables in the open.
Upstairs - on the entresol - there will be a cafe: a dozen tables plus a well-stocked bar.
Additionaly in the summer season: sunny terrace with umbrellas and tables.

A whole day you will be able to drink delicious coffee or tea, eat a cake or dessert. And if you want something licensed then also drink beer, wine or a drink based on stronger alcohols.

Depending on how much time you have, you decide to sit in the hotel lobby or enter the floor above - to the cafe on the entresol.

In both places, we will serve desserts freshly prepared directly in our confectionery studio.