Swimming pools

In our hotel we prepare four swimming pools and three whirlpools. Two indoor pools: one for recreation and swimming and the other for gymnastics, aqua aerobics. Plus a specialized pool Kneipp path.
And the fourth completely unique pool, outdoor.
Why so special?
Because located on the seventh floor - on the roof of the hotel. It's a rooftop pool with pool loungers on the sun terrace, above the tops of the pine forest ...

To your choice:

  • recreational swimming pool with effects
  • gymnastic & aqua aerobics pool
  • Kneipp path pool
  • rooftop pool with sunny deck

And also

  • whirlpool bath tubes
  • rest space with pool loungers

Recreational swimming pool

The recreational pool with a swimming track is six meters wide and over eighteen meters long. We have allocated one swimming track in it, the rest of the pool allocating for pleasant recreation with:
- waterfall cascade,
- cascade massager,
- underwater massage stations,
- geyser
- water cave.

In the swimming pool hall there will be three round jacuzzi tubs installed.

Gymnastic pool

This wimming pool has 25 sqm. water surface and a depth of 130 cm. We equipped it with both: handrails and counterflow.
It will be used for intimate:
- aqua aerobics,
- water gymnastics & rehabilitation classes
but also for:
- swimming improving or learning,
- individual trainings

Everything depends on the season and the needs of our guests.


Intimate hot tubs - it is a pleasure and relaxation for two or even two couples. Beneficial effect of pleasantly warm water and bubbles relax.
Pure pleasure.
We prepare three bath tubs in a separate part of the pool hall. They will be available during swimming pool opening hours.  Located close to the relaxation area with pool loungers.

Kneipp path - water treatment

(illustrative photo)

Healing walks in the water is a treatment indicated for circulatory disorders of the lower limbs, headaches, migraines, metabolism problems, and reduced immunity. This effective hydrotherapy treatment has practically no major contraindications.
The path consists of two pool basins, one with about +40 +50 degrees temperature water and the other with water about 5-8 degrees. The treatment begins with immersing the legs in warm water for about 8 minutes, then entering the cold water for several seconds. This cycle is repeated several times and the treatment always ends in cold water.



We love all children ...

But our hotel is not technically ready to the service and stay of the youngest children.
We do not have a paddling pool for small children and the shallow pool is 130 cm deep. And most of the devices and water effects are not intended for infants, babies and young children.
We also do not meet other conditions necessary for families with infants, babies and small children. We do not have:
- baby coats and playpens,
- baby chairs in the restaurant,
- children's: menu, portion and tableware,
- small tables and chairs,
- baby changing table in the restroom,
- children's playroom,
- children's playground.

Growth & age

Safety first. Especially the safety of young children.

The absolute safety of the youngest children and the comfort of their parents is our priority. That is why at Juvena hotel we invite families with children not shorter than 140 cm tall to stay at our hotel. For the ease: not younger than 10 years old.

By the Baltic sea in the surrounding villages are a lot of hotels friendly to families with young children, even created for such stays and we have no chance and do not want to compete with them.
As a result, we aim at a different group of guests at Juvena hotel.

We warmly welcome families with children +10yo. We have prepared a lot of attractions for the youngest teenagers and for little older too ...